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Premium quality products made with white and black truffles from Molise italy.


V&A White Truffle Oil


V&A Black Summer Truffle Oil


V&A Truffle Salt


V&A Truffle Honey

Truffle Oils – White & Black

V&A truffle oil is a base of cold pressed Italian olive oil infused with either white truffle or black truffles from Molise Italy. Truffle oil has an earthy, unique aroma and a smooth texture on the palate.

USES: Adding truffle oil to your dishes is an excellent way to add unexpected layers of flavour to: Sauces, dressings, salads, pasta dishes, grilled or roasted vegetables, risottos or rice dishes, drizzled over focaccia or pizza.

TIP: Truffle oil is predominantly used as finishing oil to enhance flavour and can be over used so experiment adding small increments to your food until you are satisfied with the final product. This is recommended even if you are following a recipe.

We do not recommend frying or using truffle oil as a cooking oil.

Truffle Salt

V&A truffle salt is a base of fine Italian coastal sea salt infused with small morsels of our black truffles.The combination almost appears to be a salt and pepper blend but make no mistake the truffle aromas and flavours are very prevalent.

USES: Truffle salt is an excellent way to heighten the sensory experience in food. It does add sodium because of the salt element, but also infuses a raw truffle pigment to your creations. Add truffle salt to: grilled or roasted meats, poached or fried eggs, creamy soups, aioli, pasta sauces or alfresco pasta dishes, seafood or as a final touch to flatbreads or roasted veggies.

TIP: When planning to use truffle salt, please keep in mind that you will want to eliminate, or limit regular salt in your recipe.

Truffle Honey

V&A truffle honey is a silky smooth acacia honey infused with black truffles. The combination of the sweetness in the honey and the earthy truffle is magical.

USES: Truffle honey is most widely recognized as a condiment for sharp hard cheeses. Simply drizzle the honey over old sharp cheddars, pecorino, aged parmesan, or any of your favourite hard strong flavoured cheeses. Truffle honey can also be used as a finishing glaze on grilled or roasted game birds, chicken, pork, veal, turkey or on scallops and white fish.

TIP: Truffle honey should be used as a finishing component. If you add truffle honey to meat or seafood prior to cooking, it will dissipate and you will lose all of the flavour. Simply drizzle over your favourite sharp cheese or breakfast bread.