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Coming 2022 – Fully Prepared Burgers
November 18, 2021

Better Food Concepts has just upped the convenience game with these top-quality fully prepared sandwiches. We have developed two new convenience items that are packed with flavour, are juicy and tender. The new prepared burger tastes and smells as though it’s just come off a charcoal grill. These new items must be tried.

Fully Prepared Charbroiled Burger

Incredible charbroiled flavour. Our new Red House fully cooked beef burger patties taste like they’ve just come off the charcoal grill. Authentic charbroiled flavour and clean ingredients. These come prepared with a patty and cheese on a brioche bun.

· No fillers
· Convenient
· Fully cooked format

Fully Prepared Chicken Burgers

We’ve crafted the perfect, fully prepared chicken burgers for your convenience. Tender and moist, these taste great on their own or fully dressed with your choice of condiments. Always expect the best quality meats from Red House.

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