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BFC Launches Three New Red House Items
November 18, 2021

Better Food Concepts has just launched three new convenient, pre-cooked items for the foodservice industry. Each item has been formulated for maximum flavour and fragrance. Red House is known for top-quality prepared convenience items that are sure to enhance your menu.

Pre-cooked, Charbroiled Burger Patties

Incredible charbroiled flavour. Our new Red House fully cooked beef burger patties taste like they’ve just come off the charcoal grill. Authentic charbroiled flavour and clean ingredients. These come prepared with a patty and cheese on a brioche bun.

· No fillers
· Convenient
· Fully cooked format

Fully Cooked Breaded Chicken Patty

Perfectly formed, these delicious chicken patties heat up moist and tender. Use them as a blank canvas to create your own tasty sandwiches or entrees. The convenience of a pre-cooked chicken patty packed with flavour without compromising on quality.

Crispy Chicken Breast Pieces Full Cooked

These classic, crispy chicken breast pieces make a great snack or entree. A favourite item, loved by all ages, these tasty pieces of top quality chicken breasts are fully cooked and super convenient. Ready to be served with the sauces or side dishes of your choice.

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