Individual macaroni & cheese in a duel ovenable bowl.

Good to go!Our Pronto Selections mac n’ cheese bowls are a perfect solution for todays on the run consumer offering safety, convenience and a great tasting snack or lunch option. Heating InstructionsOven:From Frozen—Remove entrée from sleeve and peel off plastic film. Preheat convection oven to 300F. Place entrée on a baking sheet or tray and heat for 20 minutes. Remove and stir to blend sauce. Heat for additional 8-10 mins until product is hot or internal temperature reaches 165 F. Let stand for 2 mins and serve. Microwave:Pierce the plastic film with a fork. Heat on high for 4 minutes and mix well. Tray will be hot. Remove from the microwave oven with caution. Let stand for 1 minute before enjoying. Product is fully cooked. Oven temperatures vary—these are guidelines only.