New from Better Food Concepts

Try our new mini hors d’oeuvres selections
& our new dim sum items.

Mini Corn Dogs —

A great new novelty fun food bite! Our moist mini beef and pork hot dog wrapped in traditional cornmeal batter and lightly fried to golden brown perfection. This one biter will surely have you coming back for more.

Code: 8099
Size – 20g x 256 Pcs

Dim Sum Sui Mai —

Traditional Sui Mai in two varieties for steaming or frying! Enhance your share plates with these traditional Asian flavours or serve alongside our dumplings for an enhanced experience.
Available in Chicken & Pork/ Shrimp

Code: 261143 Chicken Sui Mei Size: 3 x 50 Pcs
Code: 261136 Pork & Shrimp Sui Mei Size: 3 x 50 Pcs

Par Fried Mini Spring Rolls —

Two all new par fried mini spring rolls that offer flexibility and value! Our new minis are ovenable or can be fried for ease of service. Cost effective and delicious, makes these an excellent menu choice. Available in Coconut shrimp & vegetable

Code: 702288 Mini Coconut Shrimp Spring Roll- Par Fried Size: 26g x 200 Pcs
Code: 702035  Mini Vegetable Spring Roll- Par Fried Size: 25g x 200 Pcs

This sellsheet is available for download.